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  1. Dembla Valve Services

About Us

Dembla Valves Ltd. has risen to become one of the most trustworthy brand names in control valve manufacturing company. This has not just come through the fluid control cutting edge know how but also through a passion for customer delight.

Dembla, founded in 1985, had a clear and precise mission - Achieve the highest level of excellence that will keep getting better and better and eventuate into a benchmark of the industry. A team with missionary zeal, constituting of technocrats & visionaries have taken Dembla Valves to what it is today. Dembla takes pride in its well-rounded distinction which includes design, development, manufacturing & testing of control valves.


To become "Customers' Preferred Company" world wide, that Manufactures and delivers with Global Service Support, Valves and Actuators including large sizes and for severe services with zero defects within shortest lead time.


Strengthen internal operating process, streamline the vendor base and establish pro-active planning mechanism to support establishment of sales and service globally.