Gate Valves Series - GTV W01

Gate Valve for Water

Series-GTV W01

Wedge gate Valves are for straight flow of fluid where minimum restriction is desired and are Bi- Direction valves. Gate Valves are intended to use widely in Steel Sectors, Oil and Gas, Power sectors, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers ,Energies, and Water De-sanitation plants. These valves are suitable for Hydrogen and Oxygen services also. NACE requirement with carbon and carbon equivalent limitations and hardness values are best to use in Petroleum and Natural Gas industries- Materials for use in H2S-containingin environment in oil and gas production.

Gate Valve with non rising stem specially design for the water application. This Gate Valve are intended to use widely in water distribution, Water De-sanitation plant & Power sector.


Fixed, integral wedge nut prevents vibration and ensures durability.

Wedge fully vulcanized with drinking water approved EPDM rubber and equipped with wedge shoes to provide smooth operation.

Large conical stem hole in the wedge prevents stagnant water

Wedge and body guide rails ensure stable operation

Stainless steel stem with wedge stop and rolled threads for high strength

Full circle thrust collar provides fixation of the stem and low free running torques

Triple safety stem sealing with an NBR wiper ring, a polyamide bearing with four NBR 0- rings, and an EPDM rubber manchette.

Round EPDM bonnet gasket fixed in a recess

Countersunk and sealed stainless steel bonnet bolts encircled by the bonnet gasket

Full bor

Low operating torque

Fusion bonded epoxy coating to DIN 30677-2.

DN4S0-600 are designed with ISO top flange, eye lifting bolts and stainless steel roller



API-600, ASME-B-16.34




API-5981 EN-12266/ISO-5208

End Connection

Flanged Ends to ASME-B-16.5 till 600 mm and as per ASME-B-16.47 for 600mm above Socket weld ends as per ASME-B-16.11 and Butt weld ends as per ASME-B-16.25

Material Of Construction

Carbon Steel as per ASTM-A-216 Grades WCB, WCA and WCC Alloy steels as per ASTM-A-217 Grades WC4, WC5, WC6, Wc9 CA 15 and C5.Austenitic Steel as per ASTM-A-35I Grades Cf8, CF8M, CD, CF3M, CG3M, CF8C, CK3MCuN Ferritic and Martensitic Steel as per ASTM-A-352 Grades LCB LCC, LC5, LCA and CA6NM and Nickel& Chrome Alloy steel as per ASTM-A-494 Grades M35-1 Nickel Chrome and Molly alloy steel (Austenitic Ferritic) as per ASTM-A-890 Grades CD4MCu, CD4MCuN, CD3MCuN, CE8MN, CD3MN, CE3MN&CD3MWCuN

Global Presence of Dembla

Dembla is one of the major Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Gate Valve for Water - Series GTV W01 in Italy, Iraq, Korea, Germany, France, Japan, USA, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Austria, Africa, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands, UK and across the Entire Globe

Our Manufacturing set up is situated at Bhiwandi, Thane - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.